We’re building a network of partners around asset tokenization to drive market adoption and ensure that the tokens we create are fungible, reliable and easy to use.


Our exchange community allows you to find the best option for trading EURS for another digital asset or selling it for fiat currency. EURS is listed on exchanges covering various geographies from Singapore to the United Kingdom. Some of the exchanges are token only, meaning the KYC procedures are light and friendly, while others are licenced and regulated with heavier KYC processes, providing a more reliable service for corporate and professional traders.

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HitBTC is a top-10 cryptocurrency exchange with over 300 listed assets. It provides a technically advanced, fast and powerful platform with fault-tolerance and high liquidity for both ameteur and experienced traders. EURS can be traded against XRP.

The Changelly platform carries out exchanges for users at the best rate it can find on the market. Users can exchange EURS for over 100 digital assets.

Switch is a token exchange that allows people to purchase gift cards for companies like Amazon and Starbucks using EURS. They have no accounts and don’t collect any customer information.

IDCM is an internationally focused top-30 crypto exchange, with key markets in Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Dubai. It has trading pairs for EURS against BTC and ETH.

Bitfinex is the largest and most advanced cryptocurrencies exchange in the space, offering the highest liquidity for a wide range of popular assets, a comprehensive selection of options and features as well as 3.3x leveraged trading through access to P2P funding markets. EURS is available against EUR.

YouHodler FinTech platform is focused on crypto-backed lending with fiat, crypto and stablecoin loans, crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto conversions, as well as high-yield crypto-saving accounts (crypto-rewards & staking).

Built on top of Hydro Protocol, DDEX is the second largest decentralized crypto exchange. It’s mobile-friendly interface can be used without any sign-up process.

IDEX is a hybrid decentralized exchange that combines a real-time, high-throughput trading experience with blockchain based custody and settlement.

SWFT Blockchain is a one stop, cross-chain wallet and trading platform app that enables users to own, send, receive, trade crypto instantly and directly. Users can trade EURS against over 65 other cryptocurrencies.

BEQUANT Exchange is a retail and institutional multi-exchange trading platform, enabling professional traders to invest in a diverse range of digital assets. The digital assets trading experience is tailor-made for your Windows or MacOS devices.

Blocktane operates a high performance digital asset exchange infrastructure designed with technology and principles from traditional financial markets to serve clients with equal confidence and quality as any other financial institution.

Cryptology is the next gen professional digital asset trading platform. Futures trade with 100X leverage, deposit with bank cards, trade crypto/fiat.

Anyswap is a trustless protocol to bridge assets between heterogenous Layer-1 and Layer-2 platforms.

StableHouse is a regulated and intuitive platform that empowers everyone from beginners to seasoned crypto experts to save, invest, and earn reliable returns from digital assets.

Mt Pelerin is a regulated Swiss fintech company that provides products and services bridging the crypto world with traditional finance.

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange with leverage, instant order execution and staking

Payment systems

In Europe, payment platforms often carry less credit risk than traditional banks. EURS users can use them to access IBAN numbers, make SEPA transfers, withdraw fiat money, or receive payment cards that can be used to spend EURS directly in both online and offline shopping.

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Ripple is a crypto solutions company that transforms how the world moves, manages, and tokenizes value to inspire new business models and create more economic opportunities.

Aximetria is a Switzerland-based mobile-first payment platform that allows users to transact using EURS, GUSD, Rockz, BTC and ETH, as well as euros and U.S. dollars. The company issues payment cards that can be used to spend cryptocurrency directly.

Service with a virtual IBAN and VISA prepaid card that supports EURS and other crypto assets

Digital payment platform with a mission - to make crypto and traditional currencies equal and accessible to everyone. Wirex is making fintech simple.

Metamouse is a payment infrastructure service for Web3 which allows its clients to pay fiat bills using cryptocurrency.

SimpleHold is a secure crypto wallet and pass to crypto universe. Start collecting NFTs, storing, receiving, sending & swapping 200+ currencies today.

Crypto wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets provide one of the easiest ways to interface with a blockchain and store, send or receive digital assets. The wallets listed here are selected for their user-friendly interfaces, as well as unique features such as the STASIS Wallet’s delegated transfer.

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With an innovative design inspired by best practices from mobile banking, the STASIS Wallet allows users to hold, exchange, and transact with EURS, BTC, ETH and various other stablecoins. It also features delegated transfer, allowing users to send EURS over the Ethereum blockchain without having to hold GAS for network fees. You can learn more about the wallet here.

A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps. Start exploring blockchain applications in seconds. Trusted by over 1 million users worldwide. Generates passwords and keys on your device, so only you have access to your accounts and data. You always choose what to share and what to keep private.

The most trusted & secure crypto wallet Buy, store, collect NFTs, exchange & earn crypto. Join 5 million+ people using Trust Wallet.

Non-custodial mobile app created by Mt Pelerin to buy, trade and manage both cryptocurrencies and digital securities the easy way with no cost, zero hidden fees and full control over your cryptoassets.

AtomicDEX is a non-custodial solution with 500+ supported crypto assets via all-in-one wallet and cross-chain DEX rolled into one app!

Liquidity providers and OTC

We work with various partners to provide liquidity across the market for EURS and facilitate over-the-counter trades. Some of these partners also offer EURS/fiat exchange at fixed rates.

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Exante is an investment company specializing in online trading with access to over 50 markets in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. It supports over 50,000 financial products, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, metals and funds.

Globitex is an institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. It has an EMI license from an EU regulator and is fully compliant with EU AML standards.

MPOS and payment processors

Mobile point of sale (MPOS) platforms and online payment processors allow people to use digital payment solutions—such as cryptocurrency or credit card information stored on their phones—at physical retailers or e-commerce sites.

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Since 2013, CoinPayments has provided a cryptocurrency payment solution for bitcoin and over 1,000 altcoins to a userbase of over 2.3 million business and user accounts across 182 countries. The easy to use platform offers prebuilt plugins and integrations for all the major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento. With many user-friendly features including hosted coin wallets, conversions and fiat settlement functionality, CoinPayments leads the way in furthering the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Market Makers

We partner with respected quant traders who watch the market 24/7 and trade with a minimum spread to enhance liquidity and make the EURS market better for everyone.

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Trusted Volumes is a London-based OTC trading desk and market making services provider with a monthly turnover exceeding $1.5 billion in crypto assets.

Nortide is a Switzerland-based investment company with an institutional-sized proprietary trading business.

Algoz, a Fingenom Group company, provides projects, exchanges, and individuals with bespoke liquidity solutions and trading services for all crypto assets.

Keyrock are crypto market-makers, building scalable, self-adaptive algorithmic technologies to support sound and efficient markets.

Keyrock’s offers a range of bespoke service solutions to create unique financial markets within the emerging digital asset space and solve the liquidity challenges of today.

Woorton is a French based Market-Maker backed by regulated institutional investors. Woorton quotes 24/7 a wide range of crypto against any fiat currency with low latency connectivity.


Our custody partners are among the most trusted in the industry. They provide institutional clients the opportunity to store EURS with a trusted counterparty, rather than taking on the risks associated with storing digital assets and managing private keys themselves. If your preferred custodian isn’t listed here, please email us at [email protected] to discuss adding EURS support with them.

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Prime Trust is a technology-driven trust company that provides compliant, financial infrastructure solutions for the new digital economy. As a qualified custodian that provides FIAT and token custody, funds processing, AML & KYC compliance, stablecoins, and transaction technology, its mission is to power innovators to create world-class financial services at scale.

BitGo is the market leader in institutional digital asset financial services, providing clients with security, compliance, custodial, and liquidity solutions. In 2018, the company launched the BitGo Trust Company, the first qualified custodian purpose-built for digital assets.

Kingdom Trust is a leading independent, qualified custodian specializing in innovative custody solutions and escrow services for individual and institutional investors. The firm’s institutional custody offering provides a customized solution for digital assets, private equity, private debt, venture capital and fund of funds.

Portfolio trackers

Portfolio trackers allow users to track the value of their digital asset portfolios, as well as to stay up-to-date on the market in general. Some apps integrate directly with wallets and exchanges in order to track users’ portfolios

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The Delta app allows users track over 3,000 cryptocurrencies. It integrates with users’ wallets and exchanges to keep track of what assets they’re holding. Users can also set personalized notifications to stay up-to-date on news and updates from the teams they care about the most.

Bubblemaps is the first supply auditing tool for DeFi tokens and NFTs. This unique and colorful bubbles make on-chain data easy to understand. Investigate wallets, reveal connections, and see through the noise of blockchain data.

DefiLlama is the largest TVL aggregator for DeFi (Decentralized Finance). Our data is fully open-source and maintained by a team of passionate individuals and contributors from hundreds of protocols.