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Leverage the Web 3.0 service in form of API and mobile application
A joint network of EURS stablecoin and our service providers power up the cutting-edge API, providing the next-gen experience in payments, e-commerce, and digital finance.
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EURS API benefits

Global –°overage

Engage in the global digital payments ecosystem, taking advantage of scalable stablecoin wallet infrastructure and cheapest on-ramp in digital assets by card through our solution.

Fast Transfers

Transact unlimited amounts with KYC almost in an instant! The user provides 80% fewer data to complete the transaction compared to other services.

Card Payment

Enable EURS API for your business to increase customer reach and add new high-margin revenue streams to your product - an option to purchase by cards with the shortest user journey on the market.

Easy Purchase

Purchases by SEPA transfer can be conducted at zero fees! Selling EURS for Euro is always available at the cost of 0.1%/50 euro cap.