While developing EURS, we searched for a wallet application that would allow users to transact between a variety of digital assets with a simply, easy-to-use interface. We couldn’t find one that meets our top-notch standards, so decided to build our own.

Multi-currency support

In addition to EURS, the STASIS Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dai. In addition to sending and receiving these assets, you can easily exchange between them within the wallet, making it quick and easy to convert volatile crypto investments in Bitcoin and ether into more stable alternatives.

Delegated transfer

STASIS was one of the first wallets to offer delegated transfer for Ethereum-based transactions. This feature allows users to pay transaction fees in ether or EURS, rather than having to buy and hold GAS for transaction fees.

User-friendly interface

When designing the STASIS Wallet, we drew inspiration from the best elements of mobile banking in order to create a user experience that makes transaction with digital currencies simple and seamless.

Android support
iOS support
Telegram support channel
Stasis wallet is a non-custodial application that allows users to sign transactions across multiple blockchain networks