We provide an unrivalled level of reserve transparency, so that investors can always be confident that their digital assets are fully backed by the appropriate collateral:

  • Daily account statements
  • Monthly verifications by BDO Malta
  • Quartery audits by BDO Malta
  • On-demand verification for an onboarded entity
89 225 940 EURS
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Daily Statement

We update our statement on daily basis. Current working day for previous date.

The last available report
December 03, 2021

On-demand verification

On-demand verification of STASIS reserve balances and accounts, provided by BDO Malta.

The last available report
August 26, 2021

Annual audit

BDO audit report for STSS balances and accounts.

The last available report
October 2021
We found that the smart contracts audited were simple and straightforward and we were given an adequate amount of documentation. The delegatable modifier was especially considered, and was found to be acceptable. Test coverage was found to be appropriate and well done. Functions like delegatedTransfer and TransferFrom were specially audited, and we consider that they were both safe.
EURS, the first Euro pegged stablecoin from STASIS has had its token contract audited by Certik! With 0 Medium - Critical vulnerabilities found, the security of EURS has been verified. This audit is set to compound user confidence in EURS.